Downtempo Electronica IDM Music 2011 2010 Glitch Chill Out Electro Electronic Downbeat idm musica

Amazon CA (CD: Amazon COM (CD: Amazon COM (mp3: Amazon DE (CD: Amazon DE (mp3: Amazon FR (CD: Amazon FR (mp3: Amazon JP (CD: Amazon UK (CD: Amazon UK (mp3: Beatport (mp3: iTunes (mp3: Ebay: Our mp3 store (bonus material, low prices): Our CD/Vinyl store: Artist/Band: Ametsub (Tokyo, Japan) Title/Song: Repeatedly (Video Edit) Video Director: Lucio Arese ( Album The Nothings Of The North Label: Mille Plateaux ( alva noto,ametsub,aoki takamasa,Byetone,clicks and cuts,Fennesz,frank bretschneider,glitch,Kangding Ray,Kid606,Oval,pan sonic,Pole,raster noton,Ryoji Ikeda,snd,tim hecker,Vladislav Delay

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25 respuestas a Downtempo Electronica IDM Music 2011 2010 Glitch Chill Out Electro Electronic Downbeat idm musica

  1. iwskh dijo:

    Sound and silence between sounds
    My music is not it.

  2. android329 dijo:

    perfect video for a perfect song

  3. ipnoteca dijo:

    looks like someone really enjoy milano…
    i really like this song…


  4. yukasyu1008 dijo:

    sooooo nice!!!

  5. compositorraro dijo:

    I like it. Bravo!!

  6. DeathMirror365 dijo:

    This is wonderful

  7. SoundwaveRomania dijo:


  8. DanielBowden1975 dijo:

    Puts a smile on my face everytime

  9. atgroove dijo:

    Splendid !!

  10. petervonzurmuehlen dijo:

    That is really nice sound and a great video. awesome!!!!

  11. cityzenkane108 dijo:

    Yeah man very cool.

  12. PNDAMusic dijo:

    If you like this, you should check out the downtempo glitch track i just released on my page. /watch?v=lKIZeqkAy_E

  13. Santebian dijo:


  14. m2mfan4eva dijo:

    loving it

  15. IAmPeteRockFan dijo:

    Just played it third time in the row. That means I really like it! 🙂

  16. ronnyjrw1 dijo:

    Fabulous. Synaesthetic synchronicity rules!

  17. 18N226EOlympusMons dijo:

    Great video and music… keep up the excellent work everyone..

  18. DevasionRecords dijo:

    that’s animated?!?

  19. Glushenkoff dijo:


  20. monofied dijo:

    I absolutely love this record and could never find a video because Ametsub isnt even on the title?! why is the artist’s name not on the title? how can someone find vids of their favorite stuff. cmon mang.

  21. vampost dijo:


  22. NakedSheff dijo:

    wow!!! awesome!

  23. uthlas dijo:

    hi! cool video! is that city Milan? it looks familiar to me..


  24. fashistt dijo:


  25. Oneirophrenic dijo:

    Milan looks pretty nice..


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