Electronic Music Tutorial (How to write beats)

This is part 1 of a 10 hour long high definition tutorial video series on how to write electronic music, from scratch! All aspects are covered…. basic and advanced synthesis… sampling… progression… mixing… everything is explained in depth as I construct a tune while you watch. I talk to you like your sitting next to me, thinking out loud, cracking jokes and moving at the right pace, rather than focusing on boring shit. My goal is to get you producing good music as fast as possible. I’ve been performing electronic music around the world for years, and have much experience in production and the electronic music industry, I’m not just some guy who knows how to use a computer. The rest of this series is available to special members of my personal website, you can check it out here. http://www.cosm.co.nz Enjoy

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25 respuestas a Electronic Music Tutorial (How to write beats)

  1. brand0wnsyou dijo:


    for analog SPECIFICALLy, you can find release in the envelope for “Amp1”

  2. brand0wnsyou dijo:


    it MIGHT be a combination of your sustain/decay

    lets say sustain is at 0 for example, the decay would determine how lONG it took to get to the held amplitutde

    of 0…. so if the decay was really short, lets say 200ms, and you press and hold a key, it would take only

    200ms to reach “zero” dB!! thus the quick fading!!

  3. BadTomorrow dijo:

    Ok must have missed the bit where he tweaked the envelope or something.

  4. BadTomorrow dijo:

    Why on earth, when I stretch out my note like @25:00 do i not get the continuous note. Instead mine is just like a single piano key press that quickly fades. I dont see an option to change release… ???

  5. laurentperron1 dijo:

    so much for RTFM!

  6. eenem13 dijo:

    Your tutorials and your accent both kick ass good sir.

  7. owenstuckey18 dijo:

    hahahaha……@marcopfvieira….literally “hopping” to see the next tutorial. i’m not hating…i actually envisioned a guy hopping until he saw the next tutorial

  8. GiG510 dijo:

    22:05 now i know how a tsunami works

  9. incontrasttogray dijo:

    All hail testiclese

  10. haggisbasheruk dijo:

    Thanks Tom, will watch part 2 tomorrow

  11. oliepwns dijo:

    Wow. This guy is very educated.

  12. zedzeta dijo:

    Nice. For some reason tho, I can’t buy the pro membership on your website 😦

  13. stanbekker dijo:

    @ChillOutMaann Hahaha true

  14. ChillOutMaann dijo:

    he sounds like the guy from yes man.

  15. ChubbMachine dijo:


  16. timtamboy63 dijo:

    got it

  17. timtamboy63 dijo:

    Hey mate, quick question,

    My ‘notes’ seem to fade out rather than stay flat like yours do? I dont think ive edited any settings. Any idea how I can change this?

  18. fattyJNL dijo:

    @khadkatara55 He said it clearly and it’s in the info box. Ableton live.

  19. khadkatara55 dijo:

    can u send me the software name.plzzzzzzzz

  20. Sk8taSurfaDude dijo:

    Looks like I’ll finally find my way into that software. Thanx a lot. Gonna recommend that tutorial, of course.

    Dunno Kiwi Accents, in case yes, save the kakapo 😉

  21. michaeljjeffrey dijo:

    New Zealand accent for sure ! I’m Australian.. That’s definitely a Kiwi Accent, not Aussie or South African…

  22. MarkusPerjen dijo:

    very good tut!

  23. xXTheRealGabbyXx dijo:

    LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!

  24. fattyJNL dijo:

    10 hour tutorial marathon! 😀

  25. ace101guy dijo:

    South African or Australian accent? lol nice vid ^.^


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