Herbie Hancock jams with his Fairlight CMI

Herbie shows off while Quincy Jones looks on. Taken from VHS recording of 1984 documentary “I love Quincy” ftvdb.bfi.org.uk

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25 respuestas a Herbie Hancock jams with his Fairlight CMI

  1. D8N4L dijo:

    lol, the 80’s fruity loops

  2. puppydust dijo:

    Aww yeah! This video made my day

  3. henniebogan1 dijo:

    “the axe can be a tool to slaugter your neighbor” hahaaaha

  4. henniebogan1 dijo:

    all that gear fills up a room now they have it all possible in a laptop

  5. hwoodj20 dijo:

    23 people got slaughtered by that ax (or should be…)

  6. pesanze dijo:

    This is a fucking groove!

  7. strugglebuggietv dijo:

    Quincy Jones in the studio geekin’ out with Herbie Hancock…Classic!

  8. mindstormsabrewin dijo:

    @Mr3ff So true.

  9. Mr3ff dijo:


    “this is a program

    insurers would ever presenter people to use
    people treat you right

    you notice it to another tool

    the way the way in excess of two mexican beer

    to to cut wood to build a house

    a ritual

    too slow your neighbour

    they said they saw this as a career

    assorted really

    hurt people’s here’s the interfere with their
    lives there could be a a tool to make a good

    man and i sending”

  10. Mr3ff dijo:

    Hahahah, if you transcribe the audio not only does it translate some of the synth to “gold” but at 0:53 is pure gold:

    “i am is a national park”

  11. matzomaniac dijo:

    these cats are cool!

  12. BlakeBrownTV dijo:

    the only thing that ive seen that compares to this is scott storch doing a similar thing. search scott storch and youll see what i mean.

  13. Isachori dijo:


  14. CnQuiZ dijo:

    Herbie is the grooviest keyboardist ever

  15. TheGkwtbboy dijo:


  16. tehpr0lol dijo:

    i see literally every awesome keyboard/ synth from that period in that room.

  17. wado1942 dijo:

    Yeah, I definitely know a lot of painful moments in music because of sampling. There’s also been some very cool stuff too.

  18. feartactics dijo:

    Nice jam. Was it ever released?

  19. deaxbor dijo:

    define cool: herbe and quincy makin beats

  20. jimmy08LTFC dijo:

    Oh wow what a video so glad i found this….GOLD!!!!!

  21. Netm8kr dijo:

    Two giants of the music world as we know it. Having a moment to revel in the technological advances of that day. But what Herbie said then, still applies today. We just have more “tools” in our toolboxes now. I can only imagine what music would sound like now, if they had “current” tech then… Dope video.

    Peace… Netm8kr

  22. dsonbass dijo:

    pro tool’s granddaddy lol….. this is hot tho

  23. funkmastermoon dijo:

    master class . . two giants telling it as it was..

  24. MegaHeyheyhey10 dijo:

    One of the best synth players ever the dislike button is the most retarded button created lol

  25. missfunkyflyy dijo:

    Is this out on DVD?


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