Orjan Nilsen – La Guitarra

Orjan nilsen – la guitarra great tune.

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25 respuestas a Orjan Nilsen – La Guitarra

  1. krzz7714 dijo:

    0-2.08 suck / 2:08-till the end rock

  2. bobo4ev3r dijo:

    @RogueFromBehindWoW youtube downloader 😀

  3. Pandrodorr dijo:

    @DesertRose297 this is original mix created by Orjan Nilsen in memory of his brother.

  4. VampireKittyPrincess dijo:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OR DJ ORJAN IS AWSOME

  5. DesertRose297 dijo:

    Is this the AvB mix? It’s differs from the original one I think…
    Btw, thanks for uploading.

  6. lonely847 dijo:

    this thing blows out my speakers..

  7. andreii744 dijo:


  8. THEBIGCAGEY dijo:

    ffs no armins mix godma fuck u cunt

  9. tranceGori dijo:

    which epizode is this?

  10. arminwerzi dijo:

    orjan nielsen no one else :X 😀

  11. amosjordan dijo:


  12. djenoFF dijo:

    which asot is this??

  13. MultiKdizzle dijo:

    I like it too. ASOT 🙂

  14. xtcskull dijo:

    @tonit agreed with u so much!

  15. Evocity dijo:

    @RogueFromBehindWoW Haha,, dude i was watching a WoW video with this song.. like a rogue vid would be fucking awesome 🙂

  16. mrmakemakkara dijo:


  17. gpyeam dijo:

    @babumoshaibabumoshai orjan of course, van buuren is just the playlist for artist like these

  18. Elstinoss dijo:

    @tonit Maybe the guitar :P?

  19. medspirit74 dijo:

    This song is f****ing amazing!

  20. c0tlarz dijo:

    vey nice song. Love it !

  21. Contador2 dijo:

    I will never let this track become forgotten

  22. Bigglefuzz dijo:

    Orjan made this in memory/tribute to his dead brother Ernst Ove Nilsen. awesome track – USA

  23. babumoshaibabumoshai dijo:

    who made it…. armin van buuren or orjan nilsen???????

  24. g36xprt dijo:

    it is unique because Orjan Nilsen made this song for his brother who passed away

  25. Malakr29 dijo:

    Love the guitar part.. The intro isn’t tht good.


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