Rebecca St James – "You Are Loved" – christian electronic music

musica electronica cristiana christian electronic music

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25 respuestas a Rebecca St James – "You Are Loved" – christian electronic music

  1. Dustinsane1980 dijo:

    Okay wow!…..right know I’m thinking that ALL of Rebecca’s music should be “Electrified.”…….better yet, an electric album would be pretty awesome. :()

  2. Crazygirl1910 dijo:

    She just got engaged!!!!!! YAY!!! The Guy is named “Jacob Fink” I believe. CONGRATS REBECCA!!

  3. kroeker23 dijo:

    @newkid22 Wow that was really easy… thank you!

  4. newkid22 dijo:

    @kroeker23 Just type up Youtube MP3 downloader on Google and you can find which one works best for you.

  5. kroeker23 dijo:

    Where can I download this song at?

  6. newkid22 dijo:

    I absolutely love this remix!

  7. ohmmer dijo:

    What a beautiful, powerful remix. To a beautiful, powerful song!

  8. ouazaki dijo:


  9. cinamonchita dijo:

    hey hey heyyy m llga stas songs tan juveniles y alaban a Dios s lo mejor d todoo, nosotros no somos ningunos aburridos sino al contrario stamos lokos por Dios! yujuuu! kien dice amen?

  10. PandaVampires dijo:

    This the best song ever!

  11. FearsumFoe dijo:

    @kinchou23 yeah i can understand that man sometimes I’m too depressed to keep in shape either but i just recently got back at it doing sit ups and pull ups and so on so yeah lord willing ill keep at it

  12. kinchou23 dijo:

    @FearsumFoe keeping your body in great shape coz u don’t feel like eating or doing nothing i just weren’t in a great state went i commented xx

  13. FearsumFoe dijo:

    @kinchou23 Whats not so easy when you have depression buddy?

  14. kinchou23 dijo:

    @FearsumFoe not so easy when u got depression

  15. peacheslovesjesus dijo:

    @FearsumFoe I hear ya!!! 馃槈

  16. FearsumFoe dijo:

    @peacheslovesjesus LOL funny comment but great attitude we should respect and keep our bodies in good shape for the are a gift from god and a temple that his spirit resides in

  17. FearsumFoe dijo:

    @Nikk0Suave i like your comment that is so awesome to use music as a means of spreading jesus’s love for the world

  18. Truthanomics dijo:

    wow jus what i was lookin for!!!!

  19. DjVinnie91 dijo:

    Anyone have acapella of this?

  20. gasuil dijo:

    great song God bless you

  21. goodmediaproductions dijo:


  22. peacheslovesjesus dijo:

    This is a great song to workout to….sweating with JESUS…AMEN

  23. lohnes20009 dijo:


  24. gormor777 dijo:

    it’s the last song in the ALive in Florida cd

  25. alyssaschroeder dijo:

    Fantastic remix. Is there a place to purchase this?


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